Your Radio Station, Your Music is Back!

How exciting! Radio as it was, with the DJ you got to know, made a request and enjoyed an entire radio show. NO subscription fee, specialty programing and the greatest hits (and then some) of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and only the best from the 80’s!

RollBack Radio comes to you from the luxurious studio located in the “Festival City” of Mount Dora, FL. It’s 24/7 with live shows, remote broadcasts, call in & email requests and only 4 decades of solid gold music!

The schedule tells you more! Enjoy your “memories in motion” right here at

Being of the cough… cough… older generation… this music brings me back!

Billy G.

What can I say except Rock On!!!!!

Martin L.

All the songs that I remember as a kid in High school, talk about memories.

Lewis M.

Music brings us together in celebration

Music is an inspiring and fascinating celebration of social justice, breaking down the barriers between those of faith, and no faith – it is not only fun – it lifts the hearts of all of us who believe in a better world and gives us hope for tomorrow.

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