Our Mission

Quite Simple. We want to hit your memory button and have you live here! Not only do we plan to bring you your favorites you can’t find on the radio any longer, but we’re reaching out to the artists themselves to tell their story. How they made that hit record that inspired you to run to the record store and be the first one on your block to have it on the turntable. Updates on touring and concerts, and just some “chatting fun” with your DJ’s at RollbackRadio!

This is your station, these are your songs. By the way, you don’t have to run to the record store anymore, we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

What We Play

So, by now you know you’re getting the four greatest decades of music. You’ll get it in a variety of formats, in different ways on different days. ALL with NO subscription fee. That’s cool!

Our On Air DJ’s

Rockin Rich Bedford
Rockin Rich BedfordBrown Institute of Broadcasting, 1981 graduate, Oakland Park, FL
Many would assume that a music lover who would graduate high school in the year 1980 would have more attachment to the sounds of Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Black Sabbath, etc. While those iconic groups are certainly important to the history of rock and roll, it is the “roots of rock” Rockin’ Rich covets and holds close. For the past three decades, Rockin’ Rich Bedford has been a constant in the south Florida “car show community” sharing “the sound” at auto events everywhere, and for anyone who would listen. Along the way, interviewing celebrities who appear at car show events, and being the host emcee for an Italian Festival or two were added to the resume’. What’s most important is that there’s a passion to preserve and share the performers who are shut off from regular radio air play.

Never one to fit in with the current mess called “terrestrial radio”, Rockin’ Rich moves on to an additional chapter, promoting and sharing in several different formats on this station the songs the radio stations have forgotten, but we’ll always cherish together.

In the drivers seat he’s ready. Strap yourself in, and enjoy your “Memories in Motion”! RollbackRadio is here.

Veronica Bedford
Veronica Bedford
For twenty one years, Veronica has owned Angel Workshop Inc. Her mission is to make lives better one psychic reading at a time. A talent she discovered in high school, it became second nature to help friends in relationships and give advice. Her goal is to help as many people as she can, all while hoping to make lives a little easier to manage. On the “Love Songs and Spiritual Readings” show, YOU as a caller will not only get to make a request for yourself or a loved one, but Veronica will answer a relationship type question personally, just for you! Have your favorite 50’s, 60’s or 70’s love song ready, and call Veronica every Friday night 8pm-10pm
Guest DJs
Guest DJs
On any given day, you can hear a guest DJ on RollbackRadio. Our special guests (to be announced, of course) are given free reign on the rock and roll they want to play. NO special playlist, no “broadcasting company handcuffs”, and no “corporate suit” looking over their shoulder. The way it should be, and mostly was. DJ’s are important to the sound of radio, the “business” of radio forgot that. Stay updated often, and you’ll be delighted in the professionals we welcome to this station!(EST).