On Air Schedule

The Rockin Rich Bedford LIVE Morning Show
The Rockin Rich Bedford LIVE Morning ShowMon-Fri - 9 to 11 am EST
Call in requests, current events, recipes, beer talk, WAIT… we went off on a tangent there. Just call Rich at 954.688.6617 and be part of the show. Whether you’re driving to work, you’re at work, or just listening while you’re “doing what ya do”. A LIVE oldies show that invites input? Yes!
Love Songs and Spiritual Readings
Love Songs and Spiritual ReadingsFriday Nights - 8 to 10 pm EST
“Love Songs and Spiritual Readings”. Just like Veronica’s bio says. The softer side of rock, complete with dedications and a spiritual message just for you. Cuddle with your sweetie, tell someone you love them and hear the greatest love songs by such artists as The Flamingo’s, The Carpenters, Bread, Rand B, soft 70’s and 80’s and more.
The Car Show show
The Car Show showSaturday - 9 to 10:30 am
“The Car Show show”. Yup, that’s the name, go ahead and make a funny, we can take it. Every Saturday morning gearheads worldwide will enjoy this car show based program. Hot rod and cruising favorites, car show info ya need to know, and special celebrity guests from the industry. Buckle yourself in, roll your windows down, and HANG ON!
Gasoline Alley
Gasoline AlleySee Coming Events
“Gasoline Alley” is a show that can pop up at any time during the broadcast day, and it’s cool! This recorded program is an actual classic car show taking place in South Florida. Listen in, you’ll be center stage right in the middle of all the action. Great hits, announcements, and even the trophy presentation! It’s like being at the show yourself..except there is NO Armor-All or window card needed.
Doo Wop at the RollbackRadio Malt Shop
Doo Wop at the RollbackRadio Malt ShopSee Coming Events
YES! This is the show many have asked for, and we’re doing it. A quality doo wop radio show based on your requests. Again, we’ll have some of the greatest performers of the era on the phone with us. Only the BEST, because you choose the tunes. Give us some feedback on when you’d love to have this show broadcast. See, it IS your station!